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Test your Halloween IQ!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Put your Halloween knowledge to the test, from why the colors are black and orange to why we give out treats. And don't forget to take care of your ghoulish chompers by eating healthy candy alternatives and drinking water!

True or False?

Orange and black are Halloween colors because of the first candies. False! Since Halloween is a celebration of the autumn harvest, orange represents the fall season and black represents death and darkness. During their festival, people celebrated with food like apples and potato pancakes.

  • Did you know? Instead of candy this year, give out items like pencils, small toys, or fruit. If you want to get rid of excess candy, consider donating it.

Black cats were once believed to protect witches’ powers. True! Black cats have also been associated with bringing bad luck and curses, but they’re really just cuddly kitties like their multi-colored feline friends.

  • Did you know? Cats have two sets of teeth just like us! They are born without teeth, develop baby teeth at about 2 weeks old, and get their adult teeth at 3 months of age.

Halloween costumes have always been a part of Halloween. True! When Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, started around 2,000 years ago, they believed October 31 was a night when the living world and the world of the dead connected. They lit fires to honor their dead and wore costumes made of animal skins to confuse evil spirits and protect their harvest and themselves from sickness.

  • Did you know? Teeth sealants are like a ghost costume for your teeth, protecting them from cavities and decay. Teeth sealant is a thin, protective coating that adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth and is applied at the dentist office. Sealants can reduce the risk of tooth decay in molars by nearly 80%!

Trick or treating was started by parents trying to keep teenagers busy. True! Around the 1920’s and 30’s, teenagers were known to carry out pranks and cause trouble on Halloween night, so adults started putting together neighborhood activities like trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and costume parties to keep them busy and out of trouble.

  • Did you know? You can create your own healthy Halloween activities, which are good for developing minds, bodies and teeth. Incorporate healthy food by bobbing for apples or Halloween themed punch with 100% juice with lots of physical activities, like a zombie dance party, three-legged monster race, spider crawl, or pumpkin toss.

People have always carved pumpkins for Halloween. False! In Ireland, people originally carved turnips to scare off unwanted evil spirits. Once Halloween reached America, people carved pumpkins, which were native to the region.

  • Did you know? Pumpkin has vitamins and minerals that help keep your mouth healthy. It has iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. Bring on the pumpkin bread and roasted seeds!

People used to burn baby teeth when they fell out to prevent being cursed by a witch. True! In medieval times, parents disposed of baby teeth in England by burning them to protect their children in the afterlife and defend them from a witch’s curse.

  • Did you know? You can prevent a witch’s curse and keep tooth decay away by brushing and flossing every day, twice a day. And remember to replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush won't do a good job of cleaning your teeth.

The best candy for teeth are chewy treats like skittles. False! The best candy for your teeth is chocolate because it stays on your teeth for less time than sticky treats. Dark chocolate has been shown to help fight cavities, plaque, and tooth decay because of a naturally occurring chemical called polyphenols, that limits oral bacteria.

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