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Top Reasons Why Kids and Parents Love to Visit our Dental Office

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

A Positive Experience for All

Taking your kids to the dentist can be stressful. Whether its general anxiety over visiting the dentist, a child with special needs or fear of a necessary treatment or procedure, we do our best to make sure every visit to our practice is a positive experience, both for you and your child. Capital City Pediatric Dentistry has been providing personalized care for children and adolescents since 2006. Here’s why you’ll love to visit our office.

Personalized Treatment Between Parent and Doctor

At Capital City Pediatric Dentistry, not only do we want our patients to be comfortable, we strive to offer personalized treatment between doctor and parent. We want to make sure that parents thoroughly understand any recommendations we make and encourage parents and patients to ask questions and express any concerns or desires before, during and after their visit. Dr. Robin Croswell, DDS, PA reviews all treatment plans with parents to make sure they are understood before they walk out the door.

Kids Love our Office

Your child’s experience is important to us as well. We offer compassionate dentistry, taking into account patients’ individual needs. Our office is welcoming, with an activity station in the waiting area, TVs throughout the practice with age appropriate programming, prizes and a treasure tower to reward patients after their exam. For parents, we offer free in-office Wi-Fi so you can continue to work while your child is being treated.

Taking the Fear out of Dentistry

For parents looking for a dental home, we know a child’s first visit to the dentist can be difficult and aim to make it as calming as possible for both parent and child. Children who are 1-2 years old will be given a lap exam, where your child will partially lay on your lap looking towards you during their examination, and your child’s head will be in the dentist’s lap. This will help ease anxiety and establish your child’s trust with the dentist, as your child is able to see and hold hands with you during their exam. During this first exam, we will brush their teeth, give them fluoride, and if treatment is needed, discuss those needs with parents. For children with special needs, our overall approach to dentistry does not change, but the treatment plan may be slightly different to accommodate any issues you may be facing at home. We love caring for our patients in an environment where children are treated with respect and spoken to gently.

Come See for Yourself!

We want your visit to our practice to exceed your expectations. As one parent said in a recent review, “Our family has been going to Capital City Dentistry for six years now and we still love everything about it!! From the friendly informative staff to the kid friendly atmosphere.”

We strive to provide the highest quality pediatric dental care in a fun and caring environment. Call us to make your child’s next dental appointment!

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